Big Data, Data Science and predictive Analytics

Data Science

  • Smart client segmentation, unlock the identity of your client
  • Reduce fraud
  • Predict churn
  • Boost engagement
  • Improve business performance

Data migration and preparation services

Eighty percent of the data scientist time is used in data preparation and cleaning tasks. Data integration and transformation is also the most expensive and costly process related to working with data.

  • KPI definitions
  • Creation of effective data visualization
  • Data migration and cleaning (ETL services)
  • Migrate In-house data systems to the cloud

The Big data conundrum

As data experience a very fast growth and information is available from many sources, companies struggle to improve their ability to turn data into usable information. However, new cloud technologies and predictive algorithms make the process of extraction information from data much faster and the projects easier to justify producing a clear return on investment.

Today’s technologies allow not only to track the business performance, but also somehow predict what your customers want and how they will act in the future.

However, extracting business value from the data elements is a cumbersome and specialized process, that requires expert guidance, how do you ensure that your efforts will be successful? The first step is to pause to understand your business needs, the problems to be addressed, and the potential solutions. Ultimately, of course, the success of the project will be in the hands of your project team and the players that support your efforts.

The Solution:

There are several solutions that could be applied to your business needs and, like most things in life, moderation and practicality usually lead to the most satisfying solution. The alternatives above can be, and often are, combined to satisfy information and analysis requirements while keeping budgets under control.

If you and your organization do not have extensive experience with successful reporting and analysis efforts consider utilizing the expert services of TOTAL IT. to help you get comfortable with the details. We can successfully build a data warehouse step by step. We start with a solid plan, manage your goals, and include from the beginning the people who will be using it. We won't forget to prioritize your goals. By focusing on those that provide the greatest potential for success and return on investment our experts will manage and maintain a successful project plan. By basing our plan in Agile methodology and your prioritized set of goals, we will be building on our initial successes and our extensive experience in building rapid data solutions.