How would you describe Total-IT LoadItAll™©?

Think of LoadItAll™© as a tool that extracts and loads data into AWS Redshift, SQL, Oracle or any other OLEDB/ODBC target in minutes – not days or weeks. Without specialized resources or significant training (20 minutes), LoadItAll™© automatically analyzes incoming data, creates required structures, then loads it into a target, where it can then be transformed or successfully accessed by business intelligence tools.

What is the value proposition for LoadItAll™©?

By reducing latency in the data pipeline, LoadItAll™© helps businesses accelerate access to data to drive timely decisions.

What is the implementation time and necessary training for LoadItAll™©?

LoadItAll™© can be implemented as a hosted solution or as an on-premises installation on commodity hardware. Either way, you can be up and running in less than an hour.

Can we utilize LoadItAll™© to maximize our IT productivity, but without sabotaging the significant investment we have already made in data integration tools?

LoadItAll™© works right alongside leading ETL tools such as SSIS and Informatica to boost your IT productivity.

Which database systems does Total-IT LoadItAll™© support?

LoadItAll™© cloud supports Redshift, the client server version SQL Server® (v2005 or higher), MySQL® (v5.0 or higher), Oracle® (v11G or higher), PostgreSQL® (v9.0 or higher) and others via OLEDB and ODBC.

How can we calculate ROI or TCO for Total-IT LoadItAll™©?

Total-IT LoadItAll™© increases ETL development at game-changing speeds by automatically extracting and loading on the fly, thus eliminating a large chunk of manual coding that slows down your team’s ability to deliver on the information demands of the business. In fact, as the number of sources increases and the irregularities of data emerge, the greater value your IT organization and the business will derive from implementing LoadItAll™©.

For what sized companies or organizations are Total-IT solutions designed?

Our solutions were not designed to address the needs of our customers based on their size, but rather on their increasing need to maximize IT productivity and deliver on the demands of their businesses.