LoadItAll™© loads all your incoming data in any database target in minutes.
No need to create or maintain code, scripts, mappings or tables.

Storage is cheap, lots of data with many ways to collect easy collection, users’ needs access to data without using IT developing tools or having to contact the IT department.

Benefits of LoadItAll™©

  • Save Money.
    • IT Resources.
    • Maintenance Costs
    • Capital Expenditures
  • Save Time
    • Minutes instead of weeks or months
  • Increase Productivity.
    • Unstructured or unknown data formats can be loaded immediately, enabling quicker response time.
    • Produce reports and analytic metrics faster.
    • Automate data collection from any source: email, FTP, directory, web.
    • Assign IT resources to more value-added tasks.
How it works

The Pain

The process leading to an enterprise’s ability to leverage data to make sound business decisions has historically been complex, time-consuming and expensive. ETL has required the use of specialized IT resources, including legacy tools, software engineers and database developers to manually:

  1. Analyze the details of incoming data to determine its structure
  2. Model the databases and create schemas
  3. Write mappings to successfully load data

To add to the complexity, mapping and data structures are usually fixed, so changes in incoming data are known well to cause failures.

The Relief

LoadItAll™© is a Cloud-based solution that automatically extracts metadata, from any format, from a virtually limitless set of sources. Without specialized resources or training, LoadItAll® automatically analyzes incoming data, creates required structures, then loads it into a target in a matter of minutes, where it can then be transformed or successfully accessed by business intelligence tools.

LoadItAll™© eliminates a large chunk of manual coding that slows down your team’s ability to deliver on the information demands of the business. In fact, as the number of sources increases and the irregularities of data emerge, the greater value your IT organization and the business will derive from implementing LoadItAll™©.

And no need to worry about sabotaging the investment you’ve made in your data infrastructure, LoadItAll™© works right alongside leading ETL tools such as SSIS and Informatica to boost your IT productivity. It can be implemented as a cloud service.

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  Load data as quickly as possible into Redshift
  Understand the structures of unknown source data
  Create the staging area of your data warehouse
  Route different source data to different database targets
  Implement dynamic data extraction without user intervention
  Implement change data capture to feed your data warehouse
  Load XML and XLS files into a database
Exponentially increases loading speed; the greater number of sources and irregularity of data, the greater the impact
Maximizes ROI and IT productivity by freeing up resources to focus on more valuable work than development
More secure, cost-effective, and productive than outsourcing ETL development to conventional contractors
Minimal (NO training required)
No coding, scripting or mapping required
The more data it loads the most it  learns
Facilitates integration of new data with existing enterprise data in minutes
Extraction from virtually unlimited sources
Immediate extraction and visualization of unknown metadata
Automatically creates all necessary structures in the database targets
Accumulates information and learns from all files and user input
“Listens” and collects the data moving through any channel
Keeps metadata of the characteristics of the files and each step of the loading process for every file processed
Automatic recognition of changes in the input data structures
Creates the structures for any type of target storage file system
Acts as a file parser and broker
Automatic detection of data structures in text files (fixed length, comma delimited, XML)
Extraction of database structure from source and automatic creation in target(s)
Graphical view of table structures  
Modify table structures
Supported inputs Directory, FTP, Database, Email (client server)
Supported targets Redshift, MySQL, SQL server, Oracle, Postgress
Monitoring interface  
Self-service interface    

Spend time with your data, not with your database.

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